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Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays and Whitsunday Islands offers accommodation such as resorts, motels and caravan parks, with cruising, sailing, fishing, snorkelling and diving the Great Barrier Reef and coral islands, restaurants, tours, PADI diving courses, horse riding, golf, bungy jumping, sky diving and water sports. There is lots to do and lots to see in this beautiful part of Australia.

Set in an area of sub-tropical rainforests, the Whitsunday Coast has just the climate you would expect from such a place. Around the Whitsundays, it's holiday season all year round.

From November to April, (summertime in Australia) the daytime temperature peaks comfortably anywhere between 25 and 30 degrees and drops to a pleasant 18 to 24 degrees at night.

However, between April and October, (Australia's winter), when our southern friends are doing their annual shiver, daytime temperatures are a pleasant 20 to 24 degrees with overnight lows between 13 and 19. For swimming, the water remains at a perfect 20 to 22 degrees all year round.

Off the coast, most of the islands are as Captain Cook discovered them in 1770. Assuming he had the sense enough to bring a line with him, he must have had a ball. The fishing here is out of this world.

I would imagine also he must have had a hard time leaving the place knowing he had to go back to the English climate.

Some of these islands (getting off the track then weren't we) have been developed as resorts along the Whitsunday Passage, and are protected from the South Pacific swell by the Great Barrier Reef some 40 kms. to the east.

It's the largest coral reef in the world, and it follows the Queensland coast along from the tip of Cape York. The reason for this is clear - way back when the reef was being formed, the tiny polyps come to these warm temperate waters to live and decided then that Queensland was the best place to be. No matter where you view the reef the colours of the corals and the millions of tropical fish is indeed beautiful.

The islands in the area include the seven resort islands of Hayman, South Molle, Lindeman, Daydream, Palm Bay and Happy Bay and the one that's mentioned mostly in the news these days because of its recent development - Hamilton Island

Most of the 74 islands are uninhabited, heavily vegetated National Parks.

Anchorages are excellent in secluded bays with plenty of deserted beaches. All are surrounded by reefs of colourful live coral providing habitat for millions of tropical fish and fascinating marine life.

Its from these islands you'll experience the most beautiful sunsets and rises you've ever seen. Many sailors who visit the Whitsunday Islands claim it is the best area in the world for sailing.

As well as plenty of sunshine, visitors to North Queensland also look forward to plenty of seafood. The State has an enviable reputation for supplying vast quantities of delicacies to southern markets - primarily mud crab, and coral trout. Even the names start to make your mouth water in anticipation.

January to March are usually great months for prawns. The normal seasonal rains wash the prawns out of the rivers and estuaries, and hopefully those of you with nets will get a bucketful. Perhaps the best spot in the region is Conway Beach on a making tide.

Conway is the mouth of the Proserpine River, an enjoyable drive via Mt. Julian, and if you must cook your prawns straight away, you will find all the facilities, bar a pot, on the beach. Just be careful of marine stingers in the warmer months.

How do you catch your fish now? Well why not book a trip out to the reef for the day, or stay for two to ensure a good catch.


Airlie Beach Motor Lodge
Airlie Waterfront Bed and Breakfast


North Queensland has it all ... the Great Barrier Reef ... World Heritage tropical rainforests,
and the vast and rugged outback. Your visit to North Queensland will be one to remember.

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